Too good to miss…

The Mitsubishi G4M “Isshikirikko”, or the type 1 landbased attack bomber, was built to a “range-at-all-cost” specification. In order to compensate for the interior fleet strength restricted by the London and Washington Treaties, the Imperial Japanese Navy intended to support their naval operations from shore based aircraft. Bombers with an extremely long range were in dire need for such missions, and this could only be achieved by designing the entire wing as integral fuel tanks and keeping the structure as light as possible, without any armor or self-sealing protection. Defensive weapons and armor protection for the crew were also kept to a minimum. To reduce the drag, bombs or torpedoes were stored within a thick, cigar-like fuselage. The thin, wide wing contributed to obtain an excellent stability and maneuverability during flight. Using two 1530hp Mitsubishi “Kasei” type-11 radial engines, the G4M achieved a maximum speed of more than 420km/h and an outstanding 4,200km of range. However, the 5,000 liters of fuel in the unprotect ad tanks made the bomber extremely vulnerable, and it soon became known to U.S. gunners as the “one-shot lighter” With several improvements incorporated, the Isshiki Rikko stable served throughout the Pacific War. Including all variants, more than 2,400 units were produced. It was a part of the force which sank the British battleship HMS Prince of Wales and battlecruiser HMS Repulse at the beginning of the conflict. In 1945, it was also used in carrying the Japanese surrender delegation to end the war.

The above description is taken from the instruction sheet of this model kit…

Screenshot 2021-10-22 20.29.43



Usually the Betty is always out of stock or it’s well overpriced.

So when I saw it was in stock and under $50 CAD at Plaza Japan I could not resist. I have always wanted a Betty and the price was right. I also remembered Plane Dave’s Betty which was a great incentive.

By reading the instructions found on scalemates before completing my order, I saw it could be built in three versions: bomber, torpedo bomber and reconnaissance plane.

Screenshot 2021-10-22 20.24.15

Screenshot 2021-10-22 20.25.16

I hesitated a little before clicking on the place order button. The brain could not stop my left index finger.


Now it’s just waiting time and searching the internet…

Of course every time I go on the Internet now I see this add from Plaza Japan…


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