The Hondo

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Model Airplane Maker

I started this blog back at the end of 2018. My only intention was to share my builds and any tips that helped me pursue this hobby. Of course, I added some observations and thoughts along the way. Originally, I was hoping to do at least two decent posts per month. Sometimes I met that goal and other times, not so much.

Now here we are at my hundredth post. The 100, the Hondo, the One-Zero-Zero, and with all things Hondo, we need to make it significant. So, in honor of this 100th post, I thought I would jot down the 100 things I enjoy most about this hobby. These are in no particular order. So grab a coke, tea or coffee and enjoy.

1. Opening up a fresh kit

Is there anything better than tearing off the plastic wrap and digging in? That new kit smell and then pulling…

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